South Korea is in Street Food from the makers of Chef's Table on Netflix

Wow! The trailer of Street Food Asia by the Creators of Chef’s Table finally came out! It looks great and I love the heart and message of it. It is amazing to see a small part of it since I helped work on the Korea episode. It was a long process and we pitched dozens of ideas but I feel Korea is justly represented. Thank you to Ursula Collison and Tamara Rosenfeld for working with our crew to get the green light on the Korea episode. Out of 195 countries in the world we were 1 of 10. Thank you to my amazing local crew: Hyemin, Yoonie, Junhee, Taesan and everyone else. Thank you to Yoonsun Cho, the Park family from Pakgane, the Four Seasons Hotel and Hong Lim’s banchan store. Thank you to Brian McGinn for making it all the way to Korea. Geez... too many people to list. Watch the episode and see it on April 26th on Netflix. Spread the word.

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