Craft beer at Nomadic Brewing Company in Jeonju, South Korea

Finally a great craft brewery in Jeonju. The owner/brewmaster is making some amazing beers using old recipes mixed with some new ingredients and experiments. It's s new place so the brewer is getting used to the region and the clientele. I think this is one of the magical things about craft breweries: they adapt, change and evolve to their locals. 

John and his wife's brewery/restaurant has a modern yet rustic feel. They are avid campers so it has a natural, forest vibe. Right now they have 8 beers on tap. The faves were the American Wheat, IPA, and an Amber. They have great looking pizzas as well have serve homemade popcorn as beer snacks. It's a great place and not too far from Jeonju's hanok village. 

[Naver Map]
Jeonbuk Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si Jungang-dong 2(i)-ga 63

Thank you John for the beer class and tasting @nomadicbrewingco  Craft beer is becoming a hit in Korea and finally there is a good place in Jeonju for it. #seouleats #koreafood #foodporn #love #instagood #beautiful #food #korea #instafood #instatravel #travelgram  #goodeats #foodblogger #푸드스타그램 #맛스타그램 #맛있어 #좋아요 #냠냠 #데일리 #맞팔 #데일리 #맛있다 #먹스타그램

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