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I got into the medical wholesale business because a past food tour guest of mine had a medical supply company. She asked me to help source Korean masks.

Now we are helping to supply hospitals, governments and other medical supply companies with 3ply surgical & N95 masks, infrared thermometers, safety goggles, hand sanitizer, and much more. Clients include the Hong Kong Government, the Red Cross, Holt (in process) and many others.

On principle we have not been over charging customers since the mercenary markups are unethical. Staying honest and transparent is how we have gained customers and clients so far (thanks Mom and Dad for beating that into me).

Careers change and who knows how long I will stay on this path. Whole selling these supplies at a moment of crisis is not an easy path but I believe that it will help people and create awareness which will help rid the world of the virus. The masks, sanitizers and goggles can only do so much, awareness and common sense will get rid of the virus.

For example, cover your mouth when you cough. If someone is coughing in a crowded area then get out of there. Wash your hands. Don't pick your nose after running your hands on hand rails and other stuff. DUH! No alt text provided for this image Also, the masks can only protect so much. Those that wear glasses have a little extra layer of protection in case a cough goes directly at them. Possibly have those that don't wear glasses wear just regular clear ones. Contacts are the worst. If you haven't cleaned your hands properly and then you put a contact in your eye, you could easily get infected. Those that are buying the N95, N99 and BFE99 masks, these are not going to protect you much more than a regular surgical masks. Those masks are designed for dust or they are for medical professionals that are in surgery in emergency wards and other mission-critical environments.

They do filter out viruses but the surgical ones are made to prevent blood splatter, sweat, feces, and other fluids. These masks are supposed to be single use or limited use. They do not last indefinitely. No alt text provided for this image Despite popular beliefs there are stocks of 3ply surgical masks around the world. For wholesalers this is a chance to buy up existing stock. New shipments will cost more since the cost of materials have gone up.

Do your due diligence, make sure people will do videos or agree to show stocks after initial agreements are made. Be sure that sellers are registered companies that show business licenses and when contracts are made, identifications are shown. Demand transparency. Work with people that offer letters of assurance. There are so many runners and scammers out there.

Now on the flip side of this, nobody will work with you without a deposit. If you order from Amazon, you don’t get product first and then pay. Escrow won’t work since manufacturers need funds to release goods and no one is gonna “show” you the goods until you pay.

Be on location for the deals and meet the sellers at the bank and have a partner initiate transfers. Go with a logistics company to pick up the goods. The testing of the masks are necessary. You should do this in person when goods arrive. Reputable companies will offer a Letter of Assurance. If the goods are not acceptable, then they will be returned and a refund issued in 10-15 days.

If you can't do the test in person, you can do this via a videochat that you record on your own phone. Have them cut the mask in half and observe to see if it has 3 layers. Do a burn test of the center layer. As a customer, you should offer to pay for the product being tested also out of courtesy since everyone is very busy.

 Showing videos of proof of stock used to be easier but now it is not since there are so many scammers using footage to cheat others. If you are serious about seeing the stock, then pay the deposit and then travel to location to see it. No one will show you the stock without a deposit. Most of the product is boxed up and ready to ship and so they would need to move it all to viewing area. Those that you open and don't buy cannot be resold, so the customers need to buy it. If you do go on location, the product won't be released until payment full payment is made and then you will need to handle your own logistics.

Think of it this way. If you order on Amazon or other online stores, you can't pay 50% upfront and then pay 50% later. You can do cash and carry on site like if you went to Trader's Joe or a Best Buy. You see what is in stock. You pay for it and carry it out. It works the same way with whole sale. At the end of the day, you need to trust the people you work with. It goes both ways. There are ways to hedge risks. If you buy on emotion, thinking you could make a quick profit by reselling without doing your due diligence then there is a good chance you will get cheated.

Most companies that have been in business for a long time won't cheat customers because of core principles. They wont' stay in business very long either. In this day and age, transparency is needed. You can't easily hide in the open. If you know people that might need supplies, note, we do wholesale so 50,000, 100,000 to millions of units, feel free to email me at dnlgray a t gmail dot com

Daniel Gray
Procurement and Sales at Veterco Company Limited Alibaba  We have ready to ship stocks of 3-ply surgical masks, 3M n95 masks, KF94 masks, hand sanitizer, ethanol alcohol and chemicals, goggles, isolation suits and more.

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