Damn you Apple! Give me a Steve Jobs Edition (SJE) iPhone SE2

Let's make Apple great again. It's not even about the money. It's the core philosophy of what made Apple such a great company. It is supposed to augment and supplement reality and not replace it. Sorry but I want an iPhone SE2. The size was perfect and I just loved the feel of it in my hands and in my pocket. Dang it. I hate the lumpy block of the iPhone 6s Plus. It was the phone I got because I thought I could use it as an iPad replacement. Nah. Doesn't work. I have the iPad 2018 and it is amazing. The processor on it is so fast and the good apps (the ones without subscriptions) are amazing on it. 

I use my iPad for editing pictures and video because it is faster than my MacBook Pro 2015 with an eGPU. I will be buying a iPad Air 2018. It's just too good to pass up. The processor is fast, the body is sturdy and I don't have to use Face ID. I am not a fan of it.  Plus, I can buy one with 256gigs and it is probably faster and more intuitive than a top of the line MacBook. 

Now back to what I was saying. Give us an iPhone SE2. I want it. It fits in my pocket and supplements my iPad. I don't like the XR and I am not going to get an XS because I work and there is a chance it could break and it is a liability for my company. 

Give the people an IPhone se2: the Steve Job's Edition or call it the iPhone SJE. It should be a tribute to the tech mammoth in skinny jeans. Also, the swipe was just right and it was perfect to type with one hand. 

Also, the processor. Wow. I am not going to downgrade to an iPhone 8 because the A12 is just badass. The A10 is fine enough but the A12 should be ridiculous. 

I am an Apple shareholder and that is what I want. That is what we all want. Steve Cook, I mean Steve Apple, you can do it. I don't need a computer in my pocket nor a DSLR-grade camera. I have them. I don't need an iPod either. I went back to using my iPod nano and it just works. 

We need compartments in our lives-like what the iPod was. If not everything becomes a mess. I still have my 5s and even though the battery is going and the screen is  held on by tape, I still love it.

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