6th Grade week of April 17th! NO CLASS! AZA! AZA! AZA!

Monday, April 17, 2006

VW Beetle
Originally uploaded by Digitaler Lumpensammler.
WOW! Nice Beetle Digitaler Lumpensammler!

My 6th graders are going on a picnic tommorrow so I don't have to teach. I'm going to plan next week's lesson later. It's going to be a Bye week anyway because I have to get 6th grade 백합 and 6 매화 caught up. They have to finish chapter 6 "Can I have some Water?"

I'm going to do a quick lesson and then go right into Family Feud next week for 6th grade.

Catagories. I asked 100 sixth graders what their favorite food was:

40 Korean food
20 pizza

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