Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So...Dan, why haven't you been blogging?

RANDOM DUDE: Dude, why aren't you writing for your blog? What am I supposed to read man?

DAN: Well, I have been writing. I just haven't been writing anything specifically for my blog. I guess having a job where I have to write all day has something to do with it.

RANDOM DUDE: But, I gots to have my Seoul food blog fix and if you don't update I feel...empty.

DAN: I'm sorry random dude that I just met. I totally appreciate you reading my blog and I'll do my best to write regularly.

RANDOM DUDE: I'll buy you a beer. Whatcha having?

DAN: You don't really have to.

RANDOM DUDE: It's on me. Whatcha having? Huh?

DAN: I'll have a Cass.

RANDOM DUDE: A Cass! Nah, have something good. I'm drinking Hite. It's great like Budweiser.

DAN: Ok, Random Dude. Thanks.

RANDOM DUDE: And can you introduce me to that Cheri girl? She's hot! I'd like to take her out to lunch if you know what I mean.

DAN: Ummm...sure. Cheers!

True Story. This really happened. A Random Guy bought me a beer and this has encouraged me to write more. I'm on it. thanks everyone for reading. And Cheri, do you want to go out to lunch with Random Dude?