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The Tao

The Tao can't be perceived. Smaller than an electron, it contains uncountable galaxies. If powerful men and women could remain centered in the Tao, all things would be in harmony. The world would become a paradise. All people would be at peace, and the law would be written in their hearts. When you have names and forms, know that they are provisional. When you have institutions, know where their functions should end. Knowing when to stop, you can avoid any danger. All things end in the Tao as rivers flow into the sea.

The Happy Lunatic says,

Drinking Soju makes me wanna chew on glass.

The Happy Lunatic says

Drinking Soju makes me want to chew on glass.


My Apple Stock just lost a $1.00! Why do I feel like Forrest Gump here? I'm glad I sold Martha...Now I'm waiting for my GG (Goldcorp) to start working. CEGE...I'm just looking to break even... GOOG let's go to $350! (right now it's 302.85) Let's go gmail!

Job searching in South Korea

I need to apply for these jobs by July 3rd Lingua Forum Inc. Phone 02-395-0198 e-mail: Send e-mail. Just Gyopo teachers e-mail Stocks to look into C-Sam Inc. One wallet cell phone platform. U.A. Em India and Japan U.S. bank. One Wallet

Strange Dream

I can't really read my own writing so I'm going to retype it the best I can. I was in a gang. A Gang and the leader was pissed off because my car was a mess and so was my room. I picked up dead animals to throw them away. A guest came to the house and they were Korean. They knew the leader. I was planning my escape forever to just leave. Colin returned to ETC. He had long wavy hair and he needed a place to stay. Alisa Tomlinson called me to talk to me about har...han...ban? 1 pizza was cooked well, the other was very mushy and soft. Sunny called me.

MSO and OVEN AAPL + .21

First of all I really want to start doing Podcasts I want to call it: From the Land of the Not Quite Right I need to figure out how to do it and get the equipment. I sold Martha (MSO) off for a profit of $130.00 for two months. I decided to buy OVEN, Turbochef. It's a new fangled IPO that has really good ovens that I think will be useful for restaurants. (They supply Subway with their bread ovens.) Right now they are at $18.28, there was a one day jump of $.83 I read somewhere that there was a hint of a takeover....I need to look into that and I also need to look into the pricing of the ovens. I'm set to order $200.00 worth next tuesday.

The Happy Lunatic says

Lesbians are like Vegetarians. I mean, he he, fa, fa, fucking, he, he, a dildo is like eating a blackbean vegan burger...he he, denial, denial, denial.


CMA, Sierra Hotel Delta, Sell Martha, LM, BBH- Bravo, Bravo Hotel, EBay has been dropping...Google dropped 2 dollars, CEGE up, GERN up, I should buy MVL but internationally they're not successful....Apple +.21

Maolao the Chinese Godfather hello^^ Maybe in May ( hey! how is everything going? Maybe in May ( good. there? it's a little hot. I went for a walk earlier Maybe in May ( nice..yes, it's hot and it will be a little hotter tomorrow Oh, I've decided that I'm never eating "Oh My Chicken" again. Maybe in May ( what kind of chicken is that? it's fried chicken that I bought on Saturday Night and I spent all Sunday sick with a tummy ache Maybe in May ( oh...sorry are you ok now? yeah...I'm smarter today than I was yesterday Maybe in May ( really? that's a good news Maybe in May ( should be careful with food in summer, ok? And I'm going to be SMARTER there

I am selling Google.

I am selling Google. Is it a good idea?

How about this cover letter?

June 9, 2005 Dear ELI Academy, Thank you very much for taking the time to peruse my resume and consider me for a teaching position. I would be honored to work at your esteemed institution. I have been asking people about Incheon and it sounds like a nice place to live. I especially love Korean style raw fish and I heard that is one of Incheon’s specialties. I have been in Korea for almost eight months and I truly love this country. Gyeong Ju is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I feel blessed to have come here. I am hoping to work in Korea for many more years. I hope to find another position for the coming year to help me accomplish this task. I have almost two years experience teaching English in America and one year’s ESL experience in Gyeong Ju. As for my past teaching experience, I have had a couple of my plays produced in America and they have won several awards and grants. I have had stories, articles, and poems published in America and I sta

I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging

I'm sorry, but I'm trying to find a job.

The Adventures of Monkeyboy...lost on Namsan Mountain

Maybe in May ( hi what's up Maybe in May ( nothing much, you? Just home for a couple of minutes. I'm just got back from teaching Maybe in May ( busy a little....I go to teach teach doctors in the afternoon Maybe in May ( your schedule is getting tough a little, but it's not bad. They're nice people. They're psychatrists Maybe in May ( ok and they don't think I'm crazy Maybe in May ( who think you are crazy?? my students Maybe in May ( oh... never mind. they think all the teachers are crazy yeah, but I've fooled the psychatrists Maybe in May ( how? just kidding. I'm not that crazy Maybe in May ( h

My Dream

I dreamt last night that I was on a spaceship like the show Lost in Space and I was making bagels in the old fashioned way. I mean I was really making the bagels, instead of just making the computer make them. When I was finished making them I sat down with a cup of tea, toasted one, and ate. My children came to see what was going on. They were shocked that I didn't wake them up to tell them I had made breakfast. They were a little upset. My youngest son, Will Robinson refused to eat any of the bagels because he was upset with me and because he was a vegetarian. I told him this was food that was as vegetarian as possible. It was kosher and delicious. Also, that bagels on the first day are very delicious. Afterwards, they are not so. What does it mean? I have no idea. Dan