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Big Sista is Watching You...Sorry Andrea :) I'm at "Cookin" in Gyeong Ju Hello JK...You're cute, even though you are evil Look somebody had a baby David...David...David... One of my students.

Getting an F4 Visa

Hey guys, this is what I found on the internet after extensive searching on how to get an F4 visa in Korea. It seems relatively painless and I hope that it works. I'm going to try it in a week or so. Dan Thanks to Alpha from Dave's ESL Cafe :) I decided to write this because there seems to be some confusion as to how to go about getting an F-4 Visa, and not to mention because I ran around like a chicken without a head trying to get an F-4 Visa. A. First, you need to obtain these documents, and must be at least 22 years old (American age) in order to apply for the F-4 Visa. 2 copies of your Naturalization/Citizenship certificate (if you don't have the certificate, go to the American embassy to fill out a form to obtain the number, and the date that you became a citizen. Type a simple letter stating the information, and if your name changed when you became a U.S citizen, state that you are the same person from the Family registry, e.g My korean name is xxxx, and my American

My itunes is getting out of control!!!

I have too many songs! I don't know what to do! I have like 16 days worth of music now and I don't know how to access the good ones! Cataloging this shit could take years! Aaaarrrrgh! My new favorite group is The White Stripes. New playlist is... The White Stripe's Hectic Mix Stay tuned to my next blog.

Call it Superstition

One of my students yelled out in fright and warning when I held a red pen in my hand. I was simply taking the roll and well, the student was worried that I was writing her name in red. Apparently, if I wrote her name in red, I would have condemned her to death. Creepy isn't it. How much power to do Korean teachers really have?


PEG Black Tuesday October 29th, 1929 The DJIA was on a 6 year bull going from 85.76 to 381.17 . The market crashed at 230.07 on Tuesday, October 29th, 1929 It was 55 days after the market hit 381.17 for the market to crash. Next bull market started on July 24, 1984 - DJIA closed at 1086.57 it was a three year rise to its peak of 2722.42, August 25, 1987. 55 days later it crashed again...strange huh? Alan Greenspan came to the rescue and stopped it from causing another recession and raining on Reagan's parade. "Some economists believe that the roughly 60-year period between the two great crashes is no accident. They point to an underlying cycle of prices and economic activity, the so-called Kondratieff Wave. Indeed, looking back 60 years from the 1929 crash brings us face to face with another fiancial panic, the original Black Friday: September 4, 1869, which a business panic was precipitated by a group of financiers trying to corner the gold market." Marc Groz So I g

The Future for Investors

I'm reading Jeremy Siegel's the Future for Investors. He's telling me that I'm falling into the "growth trap" and my investment strategy sucks. He's probably right. I mean, I don't know exactly what I'm doing - yet I've made $2000 dollars in the last three months. Beginner's luck, I think. He's saying that I should be more conservative in my investment strategy. Hold the stock "FOREVER". I don't know about all that, but he's saying that buying older stocks and reinvesting the dividends will make me more money in the long run. I don't think he's entirely wrong. I'm going to look into Kraft Foods, KFT, Coca-Cola, KO, General Electric, GE, Disney, DIS, and Exxon, XON and so on. I mean it was a strategy I was already thinking anyway. Sort of... He's probably good at his job you know.

Tidbits of Zen

The Master doesn't try to be powerful; thus he is truly powerful. The ordinary man keeps reaching for power; thus he never has enough. The Master does nothing, yet he leaves nothing undone. The ordinary man is always doing things, yet many more are left to be done. The kind man does something, yet something remains undone. The just man does something, and leaves many things to be done. The moral man does something, and when no one responds he rolls up his sleeves and uses force. When the Tao is lost, there is goodness. When goodness is lost, there is morality. When morality is lost, there is ritual. Ritual is the husk of true faith, the beginning of chaos. Therefore the Master concerns himself with the depths and not the surface, with the fruit and not the flower. He has no will of his own. He dwells in reality, and lets all illusions go.



Jae Won the Korean student asks:

"Teacher, Is it nip it in the bud or nip it in the butt?"

Seoul Living: Seoul Forest

What are you doing this weekend? Folks, it’s already Thursday so you should start making a plan for what you to do this weekend. Strangely enough, the weather has been getting warmer these days, so I suggest that you take a trip to Seoul Forest. It’s a great place to go to and they have deer, art, and mini steam shovels for kids to play on. It’s on the East side of Seoul near Ttukseom Resort and you get there by taking the green line (line 2) to Ttukseom Station and go out exit 8. It’s about a 5 minute walk to the station. You can also get there by water taxi. The park is huge and it reminds of New York’s central. It opened on June 2005 and the city spent 235.2 billion won to build it. There are over 400,000 trees and 100 different types of animals. There are 5 different districts: Cultural Art Park, Ecological Forest, Nature Experiencing Studying Field, Wetlands Ecological Field, and Han River Waterside Park. The various areas include an outdoor stage, Seoul Forest Square, ecological

Seoul Living: Opening a Bank Account in Korea

Now if you have been in Korea for a while, it might be time for you to open up a bank account- hiding your money in the freezer is not the best way to save for retirement. It’s not a safe place and it won’t gain any interest. The first thing you have to do is choose your bank. When you choose your bank, you should pick one that is foreign friendly and well established. These days many banks have at least 1 English speaking personnel on staff, so shop around to find one that seems to be staffed with English speakers. I am sorry, but I am not allowed to tell you the names of the major banks on the air, for legal reasons, but you can go to the Soul of Asia message board for that information. Ask around. Ask what banks your co-workers use. That’s a relatively good start. So if you are ready to open an account, you must visit the bank in person and take your alien registration card and passport. If you did not receive the card, yet, then you’ll have to wait until your card has been issued b

Seoul Living: Korean Visa Alphabet

Getting a visa in Korea can be a very scary, frustrating, and confusing process in Korea. Korea recently changed up the regulations for getting visas in Korea so getting an E-2 visa can be tedious with going through criminal checks, getting diplomas, transcripts and other things. Oh, and tomorrow we will have Joe Waller who has been a recruiter for many years and he has a tremendous amount of knowledge on the subject. Be sure to message us questions you would like answered or you can call us tomorrow at 02 778 1013. Today I wanted to go over the different Visa categories and I have decided to do this in the form of a song. Are you ready? Sung to the tune of Old McDonald: Young John Finkle came to Korea ABCDE And in Korea, he tried to get a Visa FGHME With a diploma check here and a criminal check there, a here a check there a check everywhere a check, check. Young John Finkle got a visa ABCDE (Pause) Fine. I won’t torture you anymore with my horrible voice. Good thing I’m on radio or y

Seoul Living: The Water Taxi

If Taxis aren’t your thing and you feel that the subways are just a little too crowded then there is another form of transportation (beat)if you are feeling aquatic. Seoul has 12 water taxis that run along the Han River that run from 10am to 8pm and they make 12 stops. They stop at the Jamsil Ferry Dock, Tkukseom Park, Seoul Forest, Jamwon Pier, Yeouido 119, Mangwon, Nanji, and others. There are 3 different lines: the green, blue, and orange. The Green goes from Jamsil Pier to Nanji and it is primarily a tour taxi. The Orange and purple lines are business commuting boats. The Green goes from Jamil to Nanji and the Orange starts at Ttukseom Resort and ends at Yeouinaru Station. This is on the purple line, line 5. So if you are headed to the Yongsan area this is a fun way to get there. I am, personally, a huge fan of the water taxis because you get away from the maddening crowds and there is sense of romantic freedom out on the sea. OK, I don’t want this getting out, but you know the fam

Tips and Taboos: Korean Business Card Culture

Let’s talk about business cards: the Myeongham. It is a very important thing in Korea. From what I heard, it comes from ancient times when people would sign everything with a special stamp that would give their name in Chinese. This was stamp was a person’s signature and it was a very official seal. So if someone hands you a business card, you should not look at it for a second and then throw it in your pocket. I know in America, people pass out business cards like grains of rice at a wedding, but in Korea, most people selectively pass them out. So if a Korean person gives you a card, humbly accept it. Bow as you hold it with both hands, say thank you (komapsumnida) and study the card. I mean really look at it. You can even make a comment about their position like, “Oh, wow, you are the assistant to the secretary of the interim CEO.” It doesn’t matter what their position is, just make that person sound important. You should then get your own card, but don’t be too hasty. Be graceful an

Ma-ladies and Manjumas

I want to be a Malady or a Manjuma when I grow up.

Poker Night

32,800 won in coins....+20,000 in bills I cleaned out everyone. Ryan is my Nemesis. I took him in the end. He is too rash, but his insanity saves him. I think I need to start a podcast from the land of the not quite right. I've been listening to the Dawn and Drew show through iTunes 4.8. Dawn and Drew are really interesting and fucking great. Sorry, but my brain is fried today so I can't really think right now. I need to rehydrate myself.