ESL Games Idea

I have to think of how to make classes interesting and engaging for a class of 25-40 students. This is a bit tasking. I am trying to find the format that works in class and I think I have found it, but I always find myself changing the format because I think I need to make it more dynamic.

The thing is, I don't have to make it more dynamic. They see me once a week. If they see the same act over and over, then they'll be fine with it. I think I'm the one that has to make it more dynamic because I'm the one that's afraid to get bored.

Here's the format that has worked so far.

1: A short 3 minute dialogue
2: Going over picture vocabulary
3: A short class discussion about the topic
4: Going into a game that takes about 10-15 minutes of class

Basically I need to plan for only 25 minutes of class. I need to teach them either pronounciation, some phrases, or some vocabulary. I don't have a window to more than that.

What else has worked are Mad Libs. I want to use them more than once because they can read the fricken piece of paper. The board is too far for students in the back of the class. I would like to make a dialogue where I have three groups arguing about something. But I would have to actually write the dialogue and I would like to write something that takes up about 20 minutes of class, so I would have to write a 12 page dialogue. I don't know if I want to put up the work.

I have a format that works. I should try to make the 6th grade class just like a boring college lecture because they're little bastards.

OK...I'm tired of ranting for now. I'll think of my next lesson plan later...but first

Full Metal Alchemist

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