Thursday, Thursday, Thursday

I am doing my cops and robbers class again and it is really effective. I think the double whammy of the game and actually having a piece of paper (I know that seems really ridiculous, but I've found that Korean students really like to hold a piece of paper.) I have generally gotten more participation out of this lesson then others.

Also the game because it is challenging, while being team oriented makes them really excited.

I should keep this in mind as I prepare for future lessons. I can put stuff on a piece of paper and do more team games.

I would like to do a word unscramble and like 4 letter word decrypters (out of a longer word like encyclopedia) in the future. Make the teams rush to the board and write the solutions on the board.

I have another mentally challenged student in my class. He is in 5th grade Mae Hwa. I sent him out of the room today, because he was disturbing the class. I know. I feel awful about it, but he and another student, were talking and causing a problem. Basically, the tables surrounding them couldn't hear me and had given up on the lesson. The class was also in anticipation of lunch, so they were already restless, so I made both students get up and go to the back of the class.

I was aware that the child was mentally challenged. I could tell by the way he twitched involuntarily and was speaking to himself. What got me was how the other students referred to him, when I asked him to get up. One student said, "He is not a person." I was utterly dumbfounded that they thought that of him. He is not person, so we can ignore him and let him do whatever he wants. Wow. I mean, if he is "not a person" then why did they insist on putting him in classes that were full of people. Was it some blind hope that magically he would personify (sorry, blatant and tasteless joke in this situation).

It makes me crazy sometimes about how utterly chaotic the Korean school system is. I believe it could be the best. It needs a lot of changes though.


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