The Running Boy

There was a woman named Marie and a man named Warren that fell in love one day as they sat on opposite park benches on a spring day. They were married that summer in the park and by the following spring they had a son, William.

William, they didn't have in the park but in the van on the way to the hospital.

Now William was an extraordinary boy, for he was always in motion. When William lived in Marie's tummy, many curious onlookers were amazed by her constantly moving belly. And whenever Warren put his ear to her stomach, he would get motion sickness because, he said, "it's like riding a tugboat in a storm."

Warren didn't like to move much and honestly, neither did Marie. These two were most content spending a quiet evening drinking Darjeeling tea and reading a book on how to properly raise children.

When Marie went into labor, Warren rushed faster and faster to get her to the hospital, but it was as if William refused to lose the race. Before they even made it into the car, William seemed to be pushing with all his might to get out. And by the time Warren made it to the hospital, William had won. He was already out, fresh to the world- smiling because he knew that he beat his Dad in the first race of his life.

Now Marie and Warren didn't know how extraordinary their son was at first, because they were always exhausted from trying to make William stay still. They first had a rocking bed, but the constant creaking kept them up all night. They put him in a crib, but he rolled to one side of the bar and then back to the other - causing the springs to crimp and lines to appear on William's face. They finally had to make a circular bed and he could roll in 360 degree circles all night.

William learned how to crawl by six months and one day, when William was eight months old, Marie- tired and exhausted, left the front door open for a brief minute. This is all that William needed, because he had explored every inch of the house and he needed a bigger place to explore. William quickly sneaked through the door and he was now looking at the huge expanse of the world.

He crawled in the grass and watched the centipedes with it's many legs and the roly poly ladybugs hunting whiteflies, he chased the scurrying squirrels, and ran from the sniffing pups. William saw people on two wheels and four wheels and some even on three. He would have seen even more, if a Miss Wheeler, Marie and Warren's neighbor, didn't scream with fright and swiftly return William back to his home.

to be continued.

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