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Nerd Alert! What files can I safely delete to save space? Apple iBook G4

Warning! Nerdy Apple bloggy stuff! I've had my Apple iBook G4 for over a year now and it is time to try and recover some lost space that is pointlessly being taken up by files that I don't need and I don't use. I'm going through the net trying to find out what files that OS X is hiding from me. These are files that I've downloaded but are pointlessly kept. An example of this would be my ipod updater files. i only need the most recent one. The others could be deleted- saving me a whopping 200MB. Here's my research: **Some Apple apps use packages. To remove them use DesInstaller [] ***I keep getting Use Disk Utility, but it sounds scary. *** ***I'm trying Onyx right now. Just do a search on Onyx Mac OS X. It's free and it has a nice interface. It recovered 1 gig by simply cleaning the cache. I hit the cleaning tab and it worked like a charm. I have to restart now. I

Jill tries to teach me about Nascar

JG24Drive45n06: so you need to get up to date on your nascar knowledge JG24Drive45n06: otherwise you are going to be confused deconstructacon: I understand docking and banging out the shaft.   What else do I need to know? JG24Drive45n06: teams JG24Drive45n06: why drivers choose to ass dock certain people and not others deconstructacon: They fuck each other until one guy passes the finish line deconstructacon: is it because of AIDS? JG24Drive45n06: gordon, johnson, vickers, and busch JG24Drive45n06: haha...johnson and busch deconstructacon: hahaha JG24Drive45n06: on the same team JG24Drive45n06: hendrick motorsports deconstructacon: so if they're on the same team, they fuck each other right JG24Drive45n06: martin, kenseth, mcmurray, biffle, edwards JG24Drive45n06: roush racing JG24Drive45n06: earnhardt and truex jr             DEI deconstructacon: so is it like Team Aids, Team Syphilis, Team Genital Herpes? JG24Drive45n06: stewart, hamlin   joe gibbs racing JG24Drive45n06: they'

Jeff Gordon is Docking a Car!

0044 Originally uploaded by Wonmyeong School .'s such a gay sport. Maybe America is becoming more progressive. Jeff's going to have to go to the pit to get his shaft banged out after that move!

Daytona...the queer race that America Adores

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Happy Valentines Day. I hope you get lots of chocolate and flowers and all the handsome boys fight to the death in order to take you out to a fancy restaurant where you can order the surf and turf and then only eat two bites because you're holding out for the white chocolate chambord fondue. Oh, and don't forget to order a nice 89 would be divine. Hugs and Kisses, Dan