3rd Grade is working fine

The weekend.

I met Zack on Saturday night. He was in Thailand for a couple of weeks on vacation with Kate. He said that being in Thailand was like sitting in a humid sauna while people blew smoke in your face. He said the pollution was horrid and he came back to Korea with bronchitis. The doctors didn't know if it was dysentary or a lung infection so they gave him medicine for dysentary first.

Well, Zack ended up missing his flight so we were out on Saturday night for a good bye beer in Jamsil. I believe the place was called the MegaCC. We sat in a wooden wagon and drank pilsner and watched people dance like fools on stage for a game show and a singer with jeans so tight that... I'll just say camel toe. Let's leave it at that.

I'll miss Zack. He was a good friend. All my friends are slowly leaving, it's sad, but it's just the way it is. I am always meeting new people so I'm too busy to lull in ceaseless ponderment. I should e-mail everyone that has left so far. I'll make that a mission of the week. I should e-mail Jen, Kate, Zack, Steve, John, Mac, Lorry...now I'm getting too ambitious and it's time again for class.

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