6th Grade...The bane of my existence

I hate teaching this book to the sixth graders because it is simply too easy and I really hate, REALLY HATE, teaching 6th Grade 백합. If they act up today, that's too bad because I'm leaving the class. I'm going to make them write the rules over and over again for about 10 minutes of the class and take away game priviledges. I think that's a good option. I'm going to make anyone that acts up kneel in front of the class with their hands up because I simply don't feel like dealing with them. Yes, this all seems cruel, but they are all little punks. Their previous teacher took a term off simply because she didn't want to teach them.

I'll tell you more later but I have to plan a lesson for all my good 6th grade classes.

6th Grade Lesson 13: That's too bad.
Period 2
1) Review what we went over last week. I like what the book has. I'll get students to do it.2. Let's review.
T Let's review the last lesson. I'm sick. Tell me the problem that I have.
(Put your hand on your forehead and frown.)
S You have a headache.
T Very good! (Grab your belly and frown.)
S You have a stomachache.
T Great!
(cough and put a hand on your forehead.)
What's my problem now?
Cold, toothache, broken leg, etc....

2) Go through the book pages 106, 107,

3) Role Play:
A) I'm sorry I didn't do my homework today.
B) Why is that?
A) Because the bully stole my homework, aliens kidnapped me, my mother threw it away etc.

4) Because Game.
-Let's play "Because" game!
【Materials】a dice for a group.
(see the page 185)
【Grouping】group work
【Expressions】I'm so happy today.
Because I got a present from my grandpa.

I'm going to do this in a big group in teams of 4. I'm going to use the dice to keep score. I have to assign two students to make the stupid die thing on page 185. I am going to make this game like craps. If they roll a 3, or 7 their team will lose all their points. As long as they don't, they can have up to three rolls to get the highest score possible.

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