TV Show round up.

These are the shows that I'm watching this year and my current ratings and comments.

The Office: A-
It's not as fun as last year, I think Steve Carrell's character is becoming too sappy and losing a bit of his wackiness. I think he's funnier when he's a caricature of a businessman. The Gay Witch Trials were hilarious and so was the last episode when they go to the Indian celebration and Ryan says he is saving up for, "travel and an X-Box."

Battlestar Galactica: A+
It got off to an Elie Wiesel start, but I quickly got into the story. The new surprises are sucking me into the storyline and I really like the reinvigorated search for Earth storyline. I still think Baltar is a prick, but that's his job. The last episode where he thinks he is a Cylon is intriguing, but in retrospect it should have been like... duh. Starbuck is going to start flying again! That always makes me happy.

Heroes : A
I like it. I like it and I'm starting to like it more. I like the Japanese characters and I'm starting to get into Nikki and her son. It keeps me looking forward to the next episode. My new favorite character is the psychic cop. He has a real sense of humanity as he tries to use his powers to rebuild a relationship with his wife. I hate Dominic, but I think that's the whole idea- what's up with the wife in the wheel chair? I think the wife, although she serves her purpose, her in Dominic's backstory might make things a little too "Lost."

My Name is Earl : B
It was my favorite show last year and this year it seems to have lost its edge and the characters seem stupider and are falling into repeating cliches. I liked this show because the characters didn't have a repeated shtick, but they seem to now. Earl has lost his bravado, Joy is just ghetto typical, Darnell has lost his charm, and I don't even want to talk about Catalina. She simply doesn't seem to be able to deliver her lines anymore. She took the line, "I'll never jump for Joy." and ruined it! Randy is the highlight of the show and I still watch it for him.

Lost : B+
I'm not as excited as I was before, but this is a series I've gotten more into watching all at one go- I like to watch the seasons in 1 or 2 sittings. I think it's best to let them build up in my queue and then watch them when the mood strikes. The "Others" piss me off. They've killed off Echo and the Michelle Rodriguez character. Aziz is losing his edge and did I mention that the "Others" piss me off??? I think if they gave us some of the Other's back story then I could get into them and emphasize with them but for now they're the big bad boogie man that's simply not scary.

Boston Legal : B-
I think I only watch it for William Shatner. I am sick and tired of seeing Jerry Espenson. I liked meeting Lincoln Meyer - he's a real hoot. The show is so utterly unrealistic that I'm not being able to take it as a credible court drama anymore- not that it ever was, but now the trial verdicts are so bombastic that I just have to turn an eye.

On the outs

Weeds : C-
I interest waned soon after the first episode. It's getting predictable.

Torchwood : C-
I guess I just don't get the Brits.


Death Note : A+
I haven't been this excited about an anime since Full Metal Alchemist.

Black Blood Brothers : B-
It looks nice, the action sequences are wonderful. The story is your typical vampire slayer anime.

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