May What's Happening

May 1-25
Explore the Tastes of India The COEX InterContinental’s buffet restaurant, The Brasserie, will be presenting authentic Indian food prepared by three guest chefs from India with Shovan Das, the Indian chef of the COEX InterContinental Seoul. Guest chefs, Mr. Yogendra Singh Negi, Mr. Satish Kumar, Mr. Mohammed Yunus Khan and our chef, Shovan Das presents traditional North Indian lamb curry, Goan pickled hot prawn curry, barbequed boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices. Of note is that the one of the unique lamb chop preparation barbequed in Tandoori (clay oven) and served with Indian corn chips, south Indian Papad or Raita which is whipped yoghurt with vegetables and three different style of Indian breads as accompaniment. In addition, guest will enjoy presentable Indian desserts including traditional pancakes with sugar syrup, fried bread soap with sugar syrup and condensed milk or Kheer which is cold rice pudding flavored with saffron and dried fruits. Lunch-W41,000, Dinner-W48,000. 3430-8610.

May 2-3
Korean traditional liquor festival Dubbed the Festival of 5000 Years of Korean Taste & Flavor for the World: Meeting Traditional Liquor & Food, visitors can look into some 140 kinds of traditional beverages, 100 types of liquor table setting and another 50 kinds of premium Korean liquor. There are also booths displaying the past and present of Korea's intoxicating beverages. Korean fan dances, farmers' music bands and demonstrations of various traditional rituals will be on the sidelines. Visitors will be able to sample free liquor and even take part in the overall brewing process¬¬¬: from yeast trampling, liquor filtering, lectures on drinking manners, and making cakes and teas that help cure hangovers. 10a.m. to 6 p.m. Location: Cheongwoogak, Namsangol Hanok. 6300-1313~15.

May 4,
The Buddhist Street Festival Craft your own lantern, savor temple food, make a sutra rubbing from a woodblock, and enjoy a traditional Buddhist song and dance performance. With attractions you’ll likely not find anywhere else, the Buddhist Street Festival is full of magnificent performances to watch and activities to take part in. Location: the street in front of Jogyesa Temple. Free. 12pm-7pm.

May 5
Picnic in Namsan with your Favorite Jean Jean is a self admitted total nerd and she misses picnics on the Boston Common, so she would like to invite all that wish to come to have lunch with her on Children’s Day-because she’s got that day off. It’s B.Y.O.L and B (bring your own lunch and blanket). Meet at the Hyatt Hotel in Itaewon. 12pm-2pm. See Facebook for more information.

May 9-10
The 6th Seoul International Wines and Spirits Expo See, drink, and experience the 6th International Wines and Spirits Expo. There will be exhibitors from all over the world and lots of swag and swill to be had by all. 10am-6pm. 15,000 (includes wine glass). 761-2512~6

May 9-10
The 6th Rice-Cake Competition Day It's the 2008 6th Rice Cake Competition under the aegis of the Institute of Korean Traditional Food. The theme of the competition is to boost and globalize the rice cake industry in Korea and to stimulate the local rice industry. The rice cake competition is divided into student, adult and expert classes. Foreign residents can also participate in making the unique Korean snacks and look around the museum for free. Tea ceremonies, lectures on packaging rice cakes and a quiz will also follow, together with other traditional performances to keep up the festivities. 741-5477.

May 18
Eat a Cake and Help a Traveller The newly opened WIEN Cake house in Itaewon will be hosting the first Little Traveller’s BAKE-OFF. Enter your baked goods to be judged and stand a chance to win some awesome prizes. Cakes, muffins, pies, breads, cookies-anything sweet and baked are welcome. Not a wiz in the kitchen? Well, pay 10,000W at the door, receive your Little Traveller and get a chance to sample the cakes and vote for your favorite dish! Doors open to the public at 3 o’clock! (Contestants must sign in at 1 o’clock and must be available for preliminary judging and photographs). For more information on this event and for the entry-form, please visit and e-mail Or phone 010-8694-6561 (English) and 011-9029-3094 (Korean).

May 31st
Little Travellers’ Party for the Cause Three of the hottest spots in Itaewon- the Wolfhound Pub, Rocky Mountain Tavern and B ONE will offer drink discounts to anyone who purchases a Little Traveller at the door. Local musicians and DJ’s will entertain and there will be chances to win coveted raffle prizes. 8pm-12am.

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