August Dining Events

August 9-17
Hi Seoul Summer Festival. There are activities galore at the Hi Seoul Summer Festival such as Guerilla Performance, Jazz in the Sun, The Hangang Fantasy Show, Mix it up! Dance DJ show, The Hangang Birdman Contest, and much much more. 774-1119.

August 20
SIWA (Seoul International Women’s Association) Newcomers meeting. If you are new to Seoul or new to SIWA, join the Newcomers' meeting. It's a great chance to get to know a little more about the organization and the city of Seoul. The fee is KRW 8,000. Seoul Club is located between the Shilla and Tower Hotels. By Subway ~ Line 3, Station 332 Donguk University, exit 6. A yellow bus stop is just around the corner and it will take you up the hill, past the Seoul Club driveway to the National University. Walk back down the hill and cross at the lights. The Seoul Club is on the left hand side. Email:

August 21
SIWA Korean Temple Dining and Traditional Art Performance. Sanchon means Mountain Village and you will feel there like you are at a Korean country house. The bowls, spoons, chopsticks and even the narrow necked wine bottles are made from the very special Zelkova tree, which grow near Chiri-san, highest mountain on the South Korean mainland. The evening will start with a dinner consisting of 20 dishes including “seven wild vegetables”, “cooked roots of balloon flowers and fern braken”, “steamed beancurd with burdock, mushrooms, carrots, and many more. After the dinner there will be treated with a great performance including the famous monk dance, Korean drums, “Sumulori,” and more. 735-0312. W40,000. For more information go to

August 21 to 24
The KOREA ALCOHOL & LIQUOR EXPO 2008. The expo is held to meet the need of alcohol & liquor industry in and out of Korea. Its goal is to introduce leading alcoholic beverage producers/ manufacturers to major buyers and consumers in Korea. If you are interested in expanding your business into Korean market or if you just want to spend the day sipping on many different wines and drinks, it will be worthwhile to take your time and consider attending the biggest alcohol & liquor expo in Korea. This is the only alcohol & liquor expo supported by the Korean government, National Tax Service, and organized by Korea Alcohol & Liquor Industry Association. 6000-2800/4.

August 21-23
Franchise Seoul 2008. If you are interested in starting up a franchise business in Seoul, then head over to the COEX to the Franchise Seoul Expo. There will many different types of businesses from restaurants, clothing, and health care opportunities. Indian Hall, 1F COEX. +1-951-696-4405.

August 29-September 7
Geumsan Ginseng Festival. Geumsan is the prime growing area for Korean ginseng. During the Festival, you can see how ginseng grows, experience hand picking the plant, learn about its health benefits, and enjoy traditional folk dances and music events.

Until Aug. 31:
Caffe Espresso, the Grand InterContinental Seoul's Italian restaurant, will be serving specialty pizzas all day at 15,000 won. The wide varieties of toppings represent the unique culinary traditions of Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, France, Mexico and India. The selection includes bulgolgi pizza from Korea, Beijing duck and Hoisin sauce pizza from China, tandoori chicken with raita from India, and kangaroo meat with red onion jam from Australia. 559-7616

The Lobby Lounge and Deli at Sofitel Ambassador Seoul are introducing special selections to beat the heat such as ice beverages, waffles, iced coffees, iced caramel macchiato and iced tea. Also available are patbingsu, bokboonja bingsu, green tea and fruit bingsu (which are priced from 13,000 won from to 15,000 won.) Belgium, sweet and plain waffles are also available at 10,000 won to 13,000 won. A lunch-set menu, including coffee and waffle, is served at 18,000 won while iced beverages and waffle and ice frappe and waffle are served at 20,000 won and 22,000 won, respectively. Prices do not include tax or service charges. 2270-3101

Restaurant 8 at Hyatt Regency Incheon is presenting a Special Revitalize Promotion. The menu features five kinds of juice combinations. The Yama Topple is a blend of yam and tomato, pineapple, and the Vitamin Shrek is a blend of kale, kiwi and green melon juice. The energizer is a blend of ginseng, apple and watermelon; the tropical is a blend of orange, mango, yogurt, and lemon juice; and the recovery is a blend of apple and kale. Alternatively, guests can create their own drinks, depending on their taste and health. The menu for these individual creations can include a maximum of three items, from watermelon, strawberry, green melon, apple, pineapple, kiwi, carrot and celery. Each juice is priced at 9,000 won ($9) exclusive of tax and service charge. (032) 745–1234

The Ritz Bar at Ritz-Carlton Seoul presents a happy hour for business professionals. It features nightly liquor and side dishes. During happy hour, red wine, white wine and beer is available. Side dishes include smoked salmon, grilled sausage, nachos with cheese and bacon, four kinds of antipasti salads and fruit such as melons, cherries and oranges. 6 to 8:30 p.m. Weekdays. 30,000 won per person. 3451-8277.

Mugunghwa , the Korean restaurant at the Lotte Hotel Seoul, is offering a selection of healthy summer delicacies. Among menu items are spicy brown croaker soup, a healthy favorite of Joseon Dynasty nobility; galbi with bibimbap; galbi with kimchi noodles; and spicy braised abalone with galbi. Prices range from 36,000 won to 46,000 won excluding tax or service charge. 317-7061.

Until Sept. 30
Garden, a European restaurant at Ritz-Carlton Seoul, presents summer drinks concocted from a selection of fruit and natural ingredients. These refreshing beverages contain vitamins and a choice of five juices including blueberry latte, cherry latte, red ginseng juice, raspberry juice and citron juice. The prices are between 12,000 won to 13,500 won excluding tax and service charge. 3451-8271.

Outdoor Terrace ‘Beer Garden’ at the Renaissance Seoul Hotel. At the Beer Garden, many international cuisines along with cold beer and international beverages are provided daily. ‘Happy Hour’ is available from 6 pm to 8 pm and unlimited cold beer and drinks are provided. In addition, on every Friday, named ‘BBQ Night’, buffet style cuisines are provided along with Happy Hour benefits. Menus include pork barbeque, chicken wings, mini burger with cheddar cheese, and bacon and German style sausage and cabbage. The prices are 12,000 won for the Happy Hour and 33,000 for BBQ Night. Happy Hour from 6-8pm. 2222-8630.
Eel specialties at the Grand InterContinental in Seoul. Hakone is featuring many different eel dishes ranging from eel a la cart on steamed rice to eel sushi. W35,000-W60,000. Tax and Service not included. 559-7623.

The Hyatt Regency Incheon is putting on a Garden Barbecue in its second floor garden. For now, the barbecue is available only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but it will be on daily later in the summer, from July 25 to Aug. 17. A selection of meats, seafood and vegetables will be cooked on a charcoal grill, with salad, pasta and dessert stations also on offer. The barbecue is priced at 56,000 won ($55) per person and 28,000 won for kids, not including tax and service charge. 745-1234.

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