Boracay Day 4: No Typhoons (Knock on Wood)

We are spending our last day day at Mandala Spa and Villas. I'm chilling in the restaurant and sending this e-mail while my friends are getting spa treatments. Last night I had a deep tissue massage and I feel tremendously better. The only problem I have is that mosquitos have been eating me alive. I've got like 5 or six bites that are itching like mad. Getting a deep tissue massage on top of mosquito bites is NOT a pleasant experience.

Last night we went to a Greek Restaurant named Cyma for dinner. The appetizer was awesome. They had nice pita style bread with a variety of different dips such as tzikiki, hummous, and roasted eggplant. It was lathered in glowing olive oil. Dee-lish.

We then had the lamb chops which were nice cuts and well seasoned in oregano and served with roasted potatoes with cheese. The chops were very savory and I just loved gnawing on the bones after.

We also had the Greek Salad- the family style one. I recommend you get the dressing on the side, but besides that it was nice. It had sun dried tomatoes and ample amounts of feta, olives, capers, cucumbers, tomato, anchovies (?), capers, and other things.

We also got the Red Snapper. It was the whole one and it was market priced at 970 pesos (about 20 dollars). It came out whole and on the bone. I felt the meat to be very tough and almost rubbery. The Red Snapper here has a very firm texture and it is more like chicken than fish. I think it needed to be filleted and steamed rather than grilled on high heat.

The wine selection was decent too. We got a decent bottle of white sauvignon blanc for 1570. It was dry and had a nice crispness that didn't over power the food.

Station Two, Boracay Beach
5608 Boracay Island

Tel: +63 36 288-4283

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