Learn how to Make Bulgogi

It's a shame I have to work, or I'd totally go to this.


"Cooking Class"

¯ Date: July 25, 2008 10:00 ~ 13:00

¯ Venue: Rinnai Korea cooking room

(Seodeamun-Gu ChangCheon-Dong 515-1 Rinnai Building L 3, Seoul )

¯ Target: Foreigners living in Seoul, 30pax

¯ Fee: None

¯ The event will be held regardless of rain.

¯ Participation is limited to those who are above 8 years old.

In this 2nd cooking course organized by our centre, Bulgogi and Bibimbab are the two cuisines to be introduced to the participants.


Bulgogi is a Korean cuisine made by frying marinated beef with vegetables.


Bibimbab is a kind of dish where seasoned vegetables, meat, other spices are served on the top of rice and mixed with sesame oil and other spices.

¯ Event schedule





Rinnai Cooking Room

Attendance confirmation


Introduction of Korean food culture, Bulgogi and Bibimbab


Cooking starts


Food testing


Introduction of a sweet drink made from fermented rice and how to prepare it.


Filling out survey form, end of event

¯ Application method

1) Availabilities are subject to first come first served basis.

2) For any other enquiries, please contact 3453-9039 or rachelkim.kirby@gmail.com

Rachel Kim Kirby(김의정)
YeokSam Global Village Center
Assistant Manager
5th Fl. Yeoksam1 Community Service Center
829-20 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu,
Seoul, S. Korea 135-283
Tel: 02-3453-9039
Fax: 02-3453-9084

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