Pictures by Song Jae-Young

Finding a good patbingsu requires patience. Why? Because all of the places are cute looking. I guess, shaved ice with beans, sweetened condensed milk, and fruit induces cuteness.

A good patbingsu needs finely shaved ice, fresh ingredients and CANDIED RICE CAKES. Oh, and red beans.

Everyone has their own unique way of eating it. Some like to eat it layer by layer, but most like to mix it all up so it looks like purple sludge.

One of the cutest places I've been to has been Insadong Iyagi. The patbingsu is served in a metal bowl and it's alright. I thought the ice was a little too chunky and it didn't have enough candied rice cake.

It is on the main Insadong street across from the Daeil Building. It's closer to the Starbucks end of the street.

The number is 02-725-9726

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