Burgasm: How I met your Mother Season 4 episode 2

One of my favorite shows of all time is "How I met Your Mother." This episode has Marshall and the gang searching for New York's Best Burger. Regis Philman makes a surprise cameo and he is hilarious. He plays a rage-aholic, meat feign who has been to that burger place.

This show has some of the best burger lines ever.

Lily: My first Burgasm.
Ted: I am never brushing my teeth again, unless it's a toothbrush made from this burger.
Robin: Oh, my god, I just want you inside of me.
Barney: This feels so good. I'm worried I'm going to get this burger pregnant.
Marshall: If he does get that burger pregnant, I have dibs on the delicious burger babies.

The Marshall Burger Speech:

Just a burger!
Robin it is so much more than just a burger.
I mean that first bite. Oh, what heaven that first bite is.
The bun like a sesame freckled breast of an angel resting gently on ketchup and mustard below- flavors mingling in a seductive pudduah (?)
And then a pickle. The most playful little pickle.
And then a slice of tomato. a leaf of lettuce, and a...patty of ground beef so exquisite: Swirling in your mouth- breaking apart and combining again in a fugue of sweet, savory. So...delightful. This was no mere sandwich of grilled meat, toasted bread, Robin.
This was
speaking to us through food.

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