Fall into an Autumn mood - with ice cream

I'm not one of those people who thinks ice cream is a summer food. I might enjoy it slightly more in the summer, but I eat it pretty much year round.

I was happy to see that the Cold Stone Creamery store near me was offering autumn flavors. I was lured in by the free samples, and the banner inside piqued my curiosity. It doesn't take much to make me curious when it comes to ice cream...

The featured ice cream flavor for both "Autumn mood" Cold Stone creations is Earl Grey. I am absolutely in love with Earl Grey anything. It is an extremely nostalgic flavor for me.

There are two creations feature on the banner. The first, Tea-licious, is a mix of Earl Grey tea ice cream, pie crust, walnuts and chocolate syrup. The second, Strawberry Tea Time, is a mix of Earl Grey tea ice cream, strawberries, pie crust and honey.

I was in the mood for chocolate, so I got the "Tea-licious". I wasn't disappointed. It was scrumptious.

I ordered a cup, I was trying to cut down on calories, but I got some waffle cone pieces as service on the side. I ate them, of course. I love waffle cones.

At any rate, if you like Earl Grey - you'll most likely enjoy this treat.

I hope you are all enjoying the autumn season. :)

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