Burgers in Seoul

Richard Copycat's All American Diner

The Wolfhound


Hooter's Onion Rings

Smokey's Saloon

I am starting my research for an upcoming story that I'm doing on burgers in Seoul and here's what I've found so far.

Richard Copycat's All-American Diner has a decent burger. It's got good cheese, meat that's well grilled and the bun is a respectable. The cheese is the major upside here.

The Wolfhound. The best overall grilled burger so far. The meat is slightly charred on the outside and well seasoned with garlic and basil in the inside. The chips are outstanding as well (plus I love dousing the chips with the malt vinegar.)

Hooters. blah. The onion rings were good. The burger tasted like a greasy Big Mac Patty. Not much going on and I didn't appreciate having to pay extra for mustard for a 13,000 won burger.

Smokey's Saloon. Good burger. The best bun in the group. I don't understand the sliced cabbage and carrots instead of lettuce. The patty is a bit grissley and the onion wasn't grilled all the way so it was this slippery mess.

One more thing about Smokey's Saloon. As you may have read from Regina Watson's Blog and from Zen Kimchi about how the service SUCKS.

And I find that it is true.

My friend Terry and I went there at 9:20 to the Apgujeong Store, because I wanted to like Smokey's and give them a fair account. However, the waiter informed me that we couldn't sit in the restaurant because they were closing up. The notice on the door said that they close at 10pm. I tried to dispute this and they said that we could do take out. I decided that this would make a good story, so I conceded under the condition that they bring out the hamburger on a plate so I could take a picture for a story I was doing.

I usually do everything anonymously, but I figured this would clue them in that they should give better service.

No. We got our burger. I took the pictures. They packed it up and we had to sit at a 7-11 and eat the burger there.

Smokey's Saloon: Worst Service EVER!

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