Making Kimchi For Charity

Making Kimchi for Charity
Learn how
to make
Kimchi and
support a
good cause
at the
same time!

The Yongsan District Office is holding a
very important annual event this month.
They are currently looking for volunteers,
including foreigners, to take part in their
“Making Kimchi for Charity” event. For
three days, from Nov. 17th to the 19th,
the volunteers will make Kimchi which
will then be donated to charity.
These Kimchi making events are held in
various locations around the country at
this time of year to provide food for the
less-fortunate during the winter months.
The goal for this year’s event in Yongsan
is for it to be the largest one in Korea,
and they are expecting to use 50,000
heads of cabbage to make the kimchi!

The Itaewon/Hannam Global Village
Center will be taking a group of volun-
teers to join in this event on Wednes-
day Nov. 19th. We will meet at the
center at 8:30am and depart by 8:45
for the place where we will be making
the kimchi. It is possible for you to
help out for the whole day if you are able to
do so, but we are planning on just the morning.
If you would like to volunteer please let us
know your name and phone number and we
will put you on the volunteer list. We have to
submit the list by Nov.10th so please let us
know by then. Thank you.
Phone: 02-796-2459~60

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