Grand Hilton Hotel Thanksgiving Day Special

Grand Hilton Hotel Thanksgiving Day Special

Longing for a traditional Thanksgiving Day Dinner with stuffed turkey and gravy? You won’t miss out this year with the authentic Thanksgiving spreads on offer at our Buffet Restaurant and Atrium Café. Our chefs have prepared a buffet with all the trimmings from herb stuffing and mashed potatoes to pumpkin pie and holiday bread pudding.

* Date : November 27th
* Venue : Atrium Café & Buffet Restaurant
* Atrium Café Price :
3 courses KW 41,000 / 4 courses KW 51,000 (exclusive of tax and service

* Buffet Price : Lunch KW 42,000 / Weekend KW45,000 / Dinner KW52,000
Thanksgiving wine dinner buffet KW 62,000
(inclusive of tax and service charge)

* Alpine deli will be offering Thanksgiving Turkeys from November 16th to 27th
Price : KW165,000 ~ 195,000

For more information or reservations, please call at Atrium Café 02-2287-8270 or at Buffet Restaurant 02-2287-8271.

Thanks Ashley Cheeseman

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