CLOSED: Ola! Mario Italian Restaurant in Itaewon

This restaurant has closed
I was a little hesitant to go to Ola! Mario because the name suggests fake Italian. Plus the red just makes me think Super Mario Brothers.
I am happy to admit that the red facade is a sham for the wonders beneath it.
The interior is beautiful. It's dark but stylishly dark. It is the perfect place for a date. The service is very upscale and pleasant. The concierge, Mi-gyeong was very helpful and her English was great. I went through my usual drill through the menu to see how well they know it and all.
My brave friend Kelly of Seoulstyle and I decided to break from the norm. We did dessert first and it was a brilliant way to start our meal. The desserts were luscious and precocious. I mean where else can you get Ginseng ice cream topped with candied wings. The ginseng wasn't over powering and it the worked...sorta. I mean the icecream was more a icemilk. I did enjoy the flavor.
The cheesecake was a dream. I mean it was so light and fluffy and savory and not to sweet. Yummy. If it had a grahmn cracker crust it would have been brilliant (I'm a cheesecake nazi and I don't deem a cheesecake worthy unless it has a snappy crust.)
The pasta was also nice, nice, nice. We ordered the pasta after our dessert^^ We got the capellini with truffle oil. The truffle oil was a sophisicated accent to the pasta.
Overall, very well done. I am now going to state this now and I might get shot for it.
Sortinos no longer is the Italian Godfather in Itaewon.
02 793 9003

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