Pepero Day

Tomorrow is 11/11/08. That means it's Pepero Day!

Pepero is a lot like Pocky, but doesn't seem to come in as wide a variety of flavors. In the past I've preferred Pocky just because of the variety of flavors available.

However, in the last few weeks I noticed "healthy pepero" type snacks. My favorite has been a blueberry 100 calorie version by Orion.

Right, back to the holiday.
Pepero Day is an obviously commercial holiday, where you give Pepero sticks to teachers, coworkers, friends etc...

Every convenience store, grocery store, and bakery in Seoul has some sort of display of Pepero and Pepero like products for people to buy and give to their family, friends and loved ones. It's hard to miss the store displays.

You can often find pre-made packages with Pepero, stuffed animals or flowers in addition to Pepero boxes.

My students have been trying to convince me that I should give them all Pepero too, but seeing as how there are about 2000 of them, that's not happening.

Pepero is already sold out at my local E-mart. It's still at the smaller grocery store near my house though. If you were planning on giving some Pepero to anyone, I hope you already bought yours. :)
I hope everyone has a good Pepero day tomorrow.
- Lily (aka Lunalil)

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