Pumpkin Porridge: Hobak Juk from Bon Juk

I love eating Pumpkin Porridge in Autumn. It is hot, filling, and sheds the weariness of the changing seasons. bonjuk in Korea is sort of the franchise fastfood juk places that have many varites of this hot porridge. For those who don't know what Juk is, it is a thick porridge that is made from rice. Then they add different ingredients to make a kind of homey stew. The popular variations are made from red bean, pumpkin, and black sesame seeds.

There are savory additions also such as Salmon, Beef, Tuna and Kimchi, and many other additions.

What I like about Bon Juk is that it is reliable. It's not the best juk, I've had but they consistently make it well. Their pumpkin juk is very subtle with a bit of sweetness. It is a great way to cheer yourself up when the changing weather gets you down.


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