National Novel Writing Month Chapter 3: Bananas

Everything is very rough right now and I don't have time to proofread. I am currently at 12,000 words and I should be at around 15000 to be on track. I find that I like writing with my eyes clothes and that makes my typing even worse. Oh well, here's an excerpt of something I've written and I'm kinda happy with.


Chapter 3: Bananas

The yellow smile of a banana was something I savored in my mind. When I was five years old, the banana was the most exotic fruit in the world. They were just coming into Korea and for a poor boy they were simply unattainable. A bunch of bananas would cost about 5 dollars- the equivalent of 10 days savings and my money would never last that long. You would think the vendor might give samples of the fruit, but it wasn’t the flavor people sought. The banana was exotic; it’s color and shape defied logic. The banana came from parts of the world that most Koreans had never even dreamt about. And the name: THE NAME! It’s catchy and cool and sweet and it totally imbeds itself in the brain. Banana, banana, banana. It’s fun to say banana I think the gorilla babies first words are probably banana. It’s easier to pronounce than momma or daddy. Banana, banana, banana. Now what was I talking about? Oh, yeah, bananas.

Buying bananas was something that made your family special- it separated them from the pack. It meant that your mother was open-minded and didn’t expect you to study 20 hours a day in order to become a doctor. (It meant she might accept you becoming a lawyer or possibly even a teacher.) It also marked a special occasion. Bananas were not eaten with cereal. They were not an everyday fruit. Bananas marked a birthday, father making a big sale, daughter getting a good grade, the son’s acceptance to a good high school. Bananas were special.

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