Random Pictures

NaNoWriMo Update. I have written 7553 words so far. I need to write 11669 to be on track to write 50,000 by the end of this month.

I just wanted to throw some random pics up. I have one with my friend Lily in her famous Rabbit Pinata costume. With her is her DJ friend who is ramen and her hot peacock friend. Then we have some food porn pictures from Tartine in Itaewon. Chef Garrett has the best pecan pie and berry tarts in Korea. Go Check him out!


Location directions:
From the Hamilton Hotel, go right –towards Paris Baguette, or go straight from Itaewon Station Exit #1, past KFC [first alley] to the second alley, turn right. We are halfway up the alley on the right [look for the pies in the window].

Tel: 02-3785-3400

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