Pho, Zen, Taco Salad and Santa's Hot helper.

Pho Mein in Jeongja. Pho broth is a bit heavy, but the noodles are great. I like that they give cilantro.

The dumplings were good.

Fix your Pho!

Zen and Sara eat.

Taco salad from On the Border. It was quite good and I even liked the jalepeno dressing.

Conveyor belt sushi from Cherry Sushi in Jeongja. I got a bento set and I got a ton of food for 11,000 won and it was good.

Santa's hot helper. She's standing next to a lifesized gingerbread house made with real gingerbread. They didn't use icing though for cement- that would have been too much.

The Christmas tree at the Millenium Hilton in Seoul.

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