Lightning Review: Macaroni Market

Here is my partner in culinary crime- Sara Kim AKA the most fabulous host on TBS 101.3 efm

Close up on the Prosccioutto, Mango Salad

The Steak Sandwich was awesome! It had Sour cream, watercress and wasabi 14,000

Lemon Tart 6,000

Chocolate Tart 6,000

Pork Belly with tomato chutney and watercress.

The place is spacious and upscale. I love the glass balcony that you can sit on and oversee the wildlife below. The place has great baguettes: crispy and full bodied. They also have inventive sandwiches and menu offerings. The desserts look awesome. It has a little bit of everything, which I call the bibimbap factor. They are going for the high end, niche market and their competive edge seems to be high end ingredients and using an inventive fusion approach.

I had the Spicy Pork Belly, which was perfectly cooked. The skin was crackling good because the chef seared the top and then slowly cooked it in the oven for hours and hours. The meat just dripped off. The fat had rendered into soft butter; the pork fat liquidified on the tongue. The tomato chutney was an ok pairing. Next time I'm going for the chili jam. It needed a bit of shock to punch through the savory wall.

The Steak Sandwich was delish. Once I started eating, I couldn't finish until it was all gone. That's the thing about a good sandwich; if it is really good, then you can't be civilized eating it (that's why cucumber sandwiches last forever, they just aren't that good.)

The Prosccioutto salad needs work. The concept is alright, but frozen mango! I should have just sent it back. I must admit though, that the prosccioutto was of pretty excellent quality.


Its on the 2F of the Hannam Building. 02 749-9181

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