Menu Console Computer for Ordering Korean Food

The Seoul Tourism Organization has unveiled an electronic menu device allowing local restaurants to better serve expatriate customers.

The organization yesterday launched a test run of the device, called "Menu Console" at five traditional Korean restaurants in Seoul.

The multilingual Menu Console is a touch-pad 7-inch Ultra Mobile Personal Computer, or UMPC containing information on taste, ingredients, history and how to eat each item on the menu. The languages provided are English, Chinese and Japanese, as well as Korean.

The gadget also offers several basic Korean expressions that one may need to use in restaurants such as to ask for more water or to make an additional order.

The device will enable customers to make easy orders without risking miscommunication with staff, the organization said.

While Menu Consoles are manufactured in the form of UMPC for the test-run, they can also be produced as a PDP, LCD and other devices depending on the restaurant's preference.

The five Korean restaurants chosen for the test-run are "Durae" in Insa-dong, "Gungyeon" in Gahwe-dong, "Gayarang" in Itaewon, "Daerimjeong" in Chungmuro, and "Hanuri" in Sogong-dong. The Chinese restaurant "Dongchao" in Yeonnam-dong will also offer the Menu Console service.

"This will alleviate the difficulties in ordering from an unfamiliar menu for foreign nationals, and we expect it will also help enhance interest in traditional Korean dishes," the organization said.

The Seoul Tourism Organization is a joint venture between Seoul Metropolitan City and private investors. It was established in February this year to develop tourism packages and promote travel around Seoul.

By Lee Joo-hee


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