Paul Hussey, Zenkimchi, and Fatmanseoul will be on radio this week!

We have some special guests this week on 101.3 eFM the all English radio station for expatriates. The show is on Monday through Saturday from 11am-12pm. I am the writer for the show and the fabulous Sara Kim is the host.

Thursday we have Paul Hussey of the Itaewon/Hannam Global village.

Zenkimchi and Fatmanseoul
will be on the radio this week.

Zen will be on Friday talking about...Zen and Fatmanseoul will be discussing what it's like to be an expatriate female in Korea.

Now if you love me or Sara, please go to the site and leave a comment. Here is how you can do it.

1. Find Soul of Asia. It is the last show under the Arts & Culture Section and Click on it.
2. Click on Message Board on the left hand column
3. Hit the "write" button under the hits column and then type in your name and any password. It will ask you to register. Say yes.
4. Leave your comment and click on the "write" button.

Here is the site:

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