Quick Pics: Jalapeno Ranch Burger, donuts, and a Horsey Golf Club

Richard Copycat's Jalapeno Ranch Burger in Itaewon. It's a tad pricy at 11,900, so I had very high expectations.

It's pretty, especially with the hashbrowns. I would say that this was a nice man-sized burger. It was greasy like it should be and the meat was alright. The jalapenos added a bit of heat while the ranch cooled it down. It was nice. I wouldn't say the best, but I'd have it again.

Here's a close up.

Here is an omelet from the Copycat. Big. Greasy. Not too tasty. If you are hung over, then this will work to settle your alcohol bombed gut. It's not good for much else.

Breakfast burrito. Again. It's greasy.

I think that Richard Copycat's is an alright diner. The food has that greaseball American flair going for it. The problem is that the service is still awful. Management really needs to work on this. This time the food didn't take as long to get, but they seem to nitpick about everything and they have this cautious attitude. For example, I asked if I could get a salad with my burger and I would pay extra. I just didn't want the fries. I know that's strange, but I need to balance my grease with some vegetables. They could have said no, but it took like 5 minutes to get a response. There's no point to it. We had the same problem the time before when my friend ordered a chocolate milk and only a chocolate milk and he didn't get it until after everyone else was halfway through their meal. He was rightfully a little upset so he refused to pay for the milk. It took 15 minutes to get an apology. Look, I don't care so much if you give me bad service-I'm a bit more understanding, but if you do that to my friends, I tend to get upset.

Mani, mani Christmas Donuts from Mister Donut. They were colorful, but dry.

Ramen made in the Korean way.

This horsey picture is just bizarre. I think it's a horse and a chicken, It's like Picasso....kinda but with a graffiti edge. The horse seems to be part anteater as well and he has a golf wood between his legs. Just bizarre.

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