How many calories does one bottle of soju contain?

Remind me to never drink soju again. One bottle of Soju contains 540 calories per bottle. So to walk off this awful swill you would have to walk 2 hours. Walking two hours with a soju hangover is a task and a half.

I had my last cup of soju about 1 year ago (and I was so hung over the next day that I spent my morning dry heaving and hating myself for being so stupid.) And now with the added warning, I find that it is better for me to stick to light beers. 5 beers equal 1 bottle of soju and they won't give me a nasty hangover the next day.

But I think it's better to stick to red wines. They always say that reds are good for your help and many doctors even recommend you drink one glass a day. I've found some really nice chianti's and bordeaux in Seoul. Most of them are under 20,000.


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