Quick Pics: Chocolate Pizza and La Feet

Chocolate Pizza from Spannew. It wasn't all that bad. I mean it was like nutela with cheese. The pistachios and cashews were a nice crunchy touch as well.

Stuffed Pig's Feet from La Pied in Apgujeong. It was kinda like meatloaf with a condom on it. The dijon butter sauce was good.

Raspberry Sorbet at La Pied. Their desserts are awesome. The pork medallions are quite good as well.

I'm taking photography classes with Feet Man Seoul's Michael Hurt. Are my pics getting better?

A heart for you this Valentine's Day. Anyone need a date? I think if I were to put out a personal ad it would read: SKAM (Single Korean American Male) ISO SF Must like food, long conversations, good music, cooking, traveling, and dogs.

19th Neal's Loft in Itaewon. It's a cute place and they have free wifi.

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