Swell Season Ticket Giveaway

Hey TBSeFM Listeners!

As a special treat have a very special announcement. Soul of Asia has obtained two tickets for the Swell Season concert from the lovely Claire Leadbitter who helps manage the band.

We are going to give these tickets away as a set. The concert is on Saturday, January 17th. In order to win, you have to post a message on the Soul of Asia message board saying why you think you should win these two tickets. The best letter will be chosen by the band on Thursday, January 15 so you have plenty of time to get your pens working to write the best message stating why you should win these two tickets.

Be creative, be bold, tell us a story, just write a message and post it on our message board. We’ll be reading them all week and we’ll choose on our winner on Thursday, January 15th.

So go to http://tbsefm.seoul.kr and go to the Soul of Asia message board and leave us a message on why you should win these 2 tickets. You can enter as many times as you wish and be sure to post an e-mail address so we can contact the winner.

You can also email us the letter at tbsefm@gmail.com



PS. If you can think of things that are "Uniquely Korean" please email us. This could be like SPAM gift boxes, toilet paper on the table and the push button waiter service. We'll be collecting these and announcing the best ones on air.

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