Brunch recommendations in Seoul

UPDATE: Toque no longer does brunch

You may ask, "where are the best brunch places in Seoul. It’s all the rage and you’ll find places in Apgujeong and Itaewon and over by Samcheong dong. In America, brunch was kinda popular but mainly for those hung over from all nighter. Koreans love Brunch. I mean pancakes can cost like 14,000 won and eggs, bacon, toast and coffee can easily come to 12,000. Is it ridiculous? Maybe, so I think it would be good to pick out the gems from the duds.

My favorite places for brunch are in Itaewon. I’m just going to start from the start of the street as if you are coming from Banpo Bridge, and work my way down.

Suji’s has great classic style pancakes and eggs.

Richard Copycats has greasy heart attack inducing breakfasts like gravy and biscuits and omlettes just oozing grease. Let me tell you, this place is great if you’re need something to sop up all the alcohol in your gut. I will warn you though, sometimes service is a tad...awful. Hopefully they are working on this because it could be a great place.

There’s McDonalds too, which will serve breakfast. I wouldn’t eat there, but I know many Mickey D’s in Korea don’t serve breakfast.

You go further down you’ve got Neal’s Yard which has great coffee and decent homemade desserts. Then across from the Hamiliton you’ve got Gecko’s Terrace and Chef Meili’s. Gecko’s is hit or mix sometimes. I’ve had a French toast there that was just awful. it was a mushy cream cheese and fruit compote stuffed french toast. They were trying to be too creative. Besides that, it's a good place and the bread is amazing. Chef Meili’s has the best sausages, but the portions for brunch are a bit Spartan. Now I recommend you buy his sausages and make breakfast in bed for your significant other.

Hmmm…What else.

Oh across, you’ve got my favorite brunch place. Flying Pan blue. It’s eclectic, hip and creative. you can read my review of Flying Pan here:

Then down the street you’ve got the Rocky Mountain where you can get a Canadian Trucker’s breakfast with eggs, bacon, toast and baked beans. It’s nothing fancy. It’s hearty.

Then further down you’ve got Toque, which I think has the best eggs benedict.

Honorable mention. The Waffle Factory in Gyeongmi Dong. It’s alright. I like the different compotes they have like Cassis and Cherry. The waffles are decent too.

If you want to go fancy, you’ve got the Hyatt which has an amazing brunch for around 30,000

There is also Butterfinger’s Pancakes in Apgujeong and All Day Brunch. I think these are just overly expensive, but they are the hip places to go. Butterfinger’s pancakes are good, but they are small-like size of a fist. I want my pancakes massive- like the size of my fist.


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