La Bocca Cafe, Italian Pastry, Deli and Wine Bar in Itaewon

La Bocca. In Itaewon. It's a Cafe, Italian Pastry, Deli and Wine Bar. Does it suffer from the Korean bibimbap factor of trying to mix too much into the pot?

Unju and I went to La Bocca in Itaewon last week. The menu looked very impressive. I mean real prociutto and salami with high quality cheeses...; it sounds like heaven.

The bread was perfect. The crust cracked and there was a plush density to the loaf. It's a wonderous combination of air (yeast) and earth (grain). It's the perfect carrier for the meats and cheeses.

The eggplant sopped up the flavors of vinegar and oil. The argula added a piquant green, the bresoala was marbled and cured like it should be- a small amount of it had enough flavor to fill the entire loaf-, and the gorgonzola cheese added the right amount of mystery.

The interior was contemplative and well thought out.

For dessert we had the Tre Chocolat e Zucca. Pumpkin Cream with 3 different chocolate mousses. You had me at Pumpkin.

Yum. Oh, and the dark chocolate mousse on the back of the cake was studded with hazelnut. Delicious.

I recommend that you go! 02 790 5907

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