St. Patrick's Day at the Wolfhound in Itaewon

Here is our final schedule for Marchs St Patricks Day events. Please email me if you have any specific questions.

Thursday 12 - Live Acoustic Irish Music with 9:30 set and 11:00 set

Friday 13 - Live Acoustic Irish Music (tentative)

Saturday 14 - St. Patricks Day Warm Up Party with Shooter specials.

Sunday 15 - All Day & Night St. Patricks Day Party with green beer, green shooters, top hats, and our DJ playing sing along Irish music all day and night. Opens at 11am. Our usual quiz will be moved to Monday night on this weekend only.

Monday 16 - Table Quiz with a few Irish themed rounds and special prizes at 9pm.

Tuesday 17 - St. Patricks Day: Live Irish Traditional music by the six piece band "Bard"
No cover charge on any night.

Also please note that our 2 for 1 fish n chips special will be discontinued. We will however continue to host our table quiz every Sunday night.

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