Via Gizmodo: Roll n' Pour: The Gallon Jug Pourer

I know. I haven't been blogging recently and it's because I've been a bit busy with work and with my Korean class. Last night we had a big test that I studied forever for just to find that most of the stuff that I memorized was NOT on the test. Grrrr... Anyway, I learned a lot so it's all good.

For those who know me, I'm a bit of a gadget freak. I mean my backpack is always weighed down by numerous electronic items that I probably don't need to carry around. I mean I have my laptop, my Zoom H4 audio recorder, my Canon Powershot G9 Camera, an electronic dictionary, and...I think that's it. So, when I see stuff like this on the web, I just say "Cool!"

Via Gizmodo

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