Take a Valentine's Day cooking class with korea4expats.com

Korea for expats is a blog run by my friend Anne and they are organizing a cooking class on Valentine's Day. Go to Korea4expats for more information.

Although wonderful on any occasion, the dishes in the following two class menus were specifically chosen for Valentine's Day.

In February, Puchong is offering two separate menus on the Friday and Saturday cooking classes. You'll note that the Friday morning session is a Chinese-influenced menu, while Thai dishes reign on Saturday morning.

Dates: Friday 13 and Saturday 14 February
Time: 11:00AM to ~2:00PM

Place: Itaewon - between the Post Office on the Itaewon high street and the Hyatt
Directions will be giving to the participants

Cost: W55,000 (confirmed RSVP by 9 February ) and W65,000 (Confirmed RSVP by 12 February) for each class. (Package price for the two classes W100,000 and W120,000)
Includes: cooking class with recipies, lunch served with wine


Friday 13 February – Chinese- style Menu
Oysters Hot & Sour Soup [creamy, sexy & spicy]
Red Roast Pork - Thai style [power & strength]
Peppers & Cashew-nut Chickens [more fun & spices]
Trio Mushrooms with Beets in Ginger Wasabi dressing [health & longevity]

Saturday 14 February – Thai Menu
Nam Ya Gai [Light curry chicken soup with tapioca]
Haw Mok Pla. [Thai fish curry Soufflé]
Sukiyaki, [Thai version of bean thread noodles with shrimps & squids in red pickle garlic spice sauce]

To sign up for one or both of these classes, please contact events@korea4expats.com

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