Craving Tandoori? Go to Chakraa Indian Restaurant in Hannamdong

I recently went over to the new Chakraa restaurant over in Hannamdong. I'm a big fan of Chakraa because they make authentic Indian food. Sure there are quite a few Nepalese restaurants in the city such as Everest, Namaste, and Himalaya and they all serve Indian Curry. These restaurants serve Indian Curry because they realize that it is popular. If you notice on the menu's the authentic Nepalese dishes such as Dal Bhat (Lentils and Rice) and Vegetable Pulao (Vegetable Fried Rice) only have a small section in proportion to the whole menu. If you want authentic Indian food, then there are only a few in the city.

In Itaewon there is Agra, Wazwan, Curry Town, Taj Mahal, The Foreign Restaurant, and Chakraa. Over in Hannamdong- if you go down the road from Cheil there is a little curry joint that's way overpriced and with small portions. Over by Myeongdong there is a place...I don't recall the name, but I do remember they served me kimchi with my curry. KIMCHI! Grrrr. In Samcheongdong there is Dal in the Artsonje Center. Now I judge Indian restaurants based on their palak paneer and their palak paneer was spicy. Grrr.

Oh, and there is Ganga.

In the past, the only really good Indian restaurant was Ganga. But Ganga is expensive because they were the only game in town and they marketed themselves as premium.

Taj Mahal used to be my favorite, but they changed chefs. Wazwan did the same. Agra, I'm not a fan at all. Sure the place is pretty, but they put potatoes in my Palak Paneer and tried to pass them off as paneer. I'll never go there again.Then on a whim I decided to check out Chakraa and I've been hooked ever since. They make authentic curries, the naan is always big and made fresh, their palak paneer is authentic and it has the right proportion of paneer (a curded cheese) and their tandoori is moist and spicy. It's a great place to go for real Indian food.

I've gone to the buffet as well. I love Indian buffets. There are so many different curries and I just love Indian desserts. I just love Gulab Jamun and Gajar Halva. Gulab Jamun are Indian munchins flavored with cardamon, rose water, and saffron. Delicious. And Gajar Halva is an sweetened carrot salad with raisin, cardamon, and milk. It's awesome. I always feel bad because I make several trips for the Gajar Halva.

One note about the buffet. I would recommend that you go around 12:00 that's when they start putting out the really good stuff.

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