Dan Can Cook: Pepper Roasted Pork Sandwiches

So...the cost of cold cuts are astronomical and I find that the meat is generally pretty pitiful. I mean the Korean ham is more like baloney and the portions are meager compared to the golithan sandwiches I've had in New York. The only decent place for cold cuts in the city is Chef Meili's in Itaewon, but it's a bit pricy.

So...I decided to brine my own pork loin, roast it and then have enough meat for my sandwiches. I brined it in salt, sugar, cloves, and apple cider vinegar. I brined it overnight and then the next day I took it out and dried it off and then covered it with ghee and black pepper.

OH! I also brined a slice of samgyeopsal (a thick strip of pork belly). I then roasted the loin with the strip of samgyeopsal on top. The samgyeopsal got crisp and it protected the pork from drying out. After it cooled overnight in the refridgerator, I was able to then slice it thin and my my sandwiches.

They were DELICIOUS! And...inexpensive.

Total cost: 10,000 won.

Give it a try.

PS. the last sandwich is a grilled cheese I made on a homemade whole wheat roll. I should plan a picnic. This meal would be perfect for it.


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