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Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that Toque is having some specials this month. It's a quaint restaurant that serves up homestyle Americana cuisine. I'm a big fan of their brunch, burgers, and chili. They have some other specials as well this much. Be sure to tell them Seouleats told you!


Dear Toque Friends,
I hope everyone is enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather!
May in Korea is the "Family Month" of the year and we have some upcoming events for this special month.
1. We have started handing out Toque Stamp Coupons this month.  We give you one stamp for every bill over \30,000.
The offer is: a free cappuccino or latte after 3 stamps, \3,000 discount after 5 stamps, one free appetizer after 8 stamps
and 40% off your bill(excluding alcohol and Chef's Course) after 10 stamps.  
Many of our regulars and enjoying this benefit and looking forward to the 40% food discount so come by to get the coupons.
2. May 5th is "Children's Day" and Toque is offering a special deal for families with younger children.
On this day, children under the age of 7 who order from our "Kid's Menu" will eat for free.  The portions are fit for 7 year olds and 
we will need to limit one item per child.  
3. May 8, Friday is "Parents' Day" in Korea.  We will be offering 10% off your total bill, including beverages and alcohol(except Chef's Course), to those families withparents wearing a carnation corsage.  
4. We have introduced some new items on the menu last week and some are already looking to be a steady best seller.  For example, 
we cannot make enough of the "Garlic Onion Burger" and "Santa Fe Pizza"(spicy cheese sauce, chicken, spinach, mushroom, salsa). 
Please let us know if you have any suggestions or if you crave food from back home that you cannot get here in Seoul!
We'll try our best to take you back to your mom's table. 
Thank you and have a wonderful month!
Jane Chang     

장정은  Jane Chang
Owner/Chef  Toque Diner
682-1 Hannam-Dong Yongsan-Gu, Seoul
Tel: (02)794-3834
Fax: (02)794-3828

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