My Nemesis: Roboseyo

Dear Readers of Seoul Eats,

In this picture you will see the face of my hated foe, Roboseyo. He is my Joker, my Lex Luthor. He is a Canuck with afro-puff hair, a dry sense of humor, 7 toes on one foot (I believe 8 on the other), three hairy nipples (I have been told they are the long gnarly grampa hairs), and he is a carrier of whine flu. If you see him, kill him on sight. He is armed (two of them) and extremely dangerous. He may try to dongcheem 똥침 you (for those that don't know; it's when a person will try to insert objects up your bumhole).

He is can be harmed with:


A BAR OF SOAP (He's kinda dirty)
With your help this threat can be eliminated and the world will be a safer place for all. Go now my friends and god speed.


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