Please help my friend Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson has been a friend of mine for a very long time and he is a person I respect as an actor, writer, and chef. He studied culinary at Johnson and Wales and he worked in restaurants before he decided to take up acting and writing. He is the man responsible for the awesome burgers over at Jacoby's Burgers in Haebangchon and he has made some amazing meals for his friends at various cooking functions.

Right now, Matt is in trouble and he needs our help. He is currently in the hospital and he needs surgery. Without it, he may die and because he is uninsured and without means to pay, the hospital is threatening to force him to leave without the necessary surgery.

I have made a donation to him and I would encourage you to do the same. Please help my friend.

You can go to this facebook page for more information on how to send payment.



Matt Robinson is an American ex-pat who has been teaching in Korea for about 3 years. Recently, due to conflicting medications and gangrene from a previous surgery, he almost died. He was taken to a hospital in Haebonchan where he is in pain, awaiting the surgery he needs.
This hospital is threatening him. They are saying that if he does not give them 10 million won by tomorrow, they will kick him out without the surgery. This means that he will most likely need an amputation or (worse yet) he will die. He has no means to go home, nor is he physically able to get on a plane.

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