Thai Vegetarian Cooking Class on May 12th

Hey everyone,

Here's something else that I thought would be fun to do if anyone has the time. It's a very small class. Hopefully there are still openings and it is tomorrow night, hurry if you want to take the class.

Also, just a question for you. How much would you be willing to pay for a Korean cooking class tht would teach you how to make:

an appetizer such as pajon,
a couple Korean side dishes
A main entree like daktoritang or galbijjim


Learn Thai Vegetarian Cooking and help Animal Rescue Korea support the Asan Animal Shelter
Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 630pm-830pm (approx)

Learn to fresh and healthy dishes.
Learn Thai vegetarian cooking from an accomplished Thai-national chef
hosted in his elegant, cook yet relaxed, Itaewon apartment.
The menu for the lesson will likely include:

Vegetarian Hot & Sour soup
Tofu in curry sauce
Egg and fresh vegetable salad
Vegetarian noodles with shitake, bean sprout and chive(/mee sua/)

We will try to make all but one of the recipes vegan.

The meal will come with a glass of white wine or juice.
Twenty percent of the fee is paid to Animal Rescue Korea in support of
the Asan Animal Shelter.
Class will be held from 630pm and conducted in English. The total cost
is W50,000.
Participants will be given a copy of the recipes of the dishes made that
Minimum 6/Maximum 10 participants

To register -
1) Email and
provide your cell phone number.
2) After confirmation that there's space, please pay 10,000won
(non-refundable) to Tim Vasudeva's Woori Bank Account # 1002 833 783116.
(This is the donation portion of the fee. You can send a substitute to
the lesson.) If bank transfer is too difficult, let Puchong know and
Colleen will collect at the lesson.
3) You'll receive location details by text or email message. The site
is in Itaewon near the Lucky High Mart on the way to the Grand Hyatt.
4) Pay 40,000 upon arrival at the class.

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