Kogi BBQ and Chef Michelle Cho to attend Chicago Food Trade Show: May 16-19

This is an interesting e-mail that I got in my inbox the other day and I thought you should totally know. I wish i could go to it, but I'll be in Korean class. The Kogi guys are amazing. I mean they haven't been at the game for too long and they are famous around the world. Geez. Think about it. One taco truck had the entire world talking. Now there are two and I heard of more on the way. On Tweeter they have 21,419 followers. I'm debating if I should stop over in LA just to find them when I go back to the states next month.Well, here's the press release for the trade show.


Media Contact:

Grace Niwa, Niwa Public Relations





Featuring Imperial Cuisine Chef Michelle Cho and

Chefs from the Kogi BBQ Truck from Los Angeles

Hosted by the Korea Agro-Trade Center, NY at the National Restaurant Association Trade Show, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL from May 16-19

NEW YORK, May 8, 2009 -- The Korea Agro-Trade Center, NY, a government agency that promotes foods and beverages imported from Korea, is pleased to announce From Royalty to Reinvention, a unique tasting event at the Korean Pavilion (Booth 6848) on Monday, May 18 at 11 am during the National Restaurants Association (NRA) trade show held at the McCormick Place, Chicago, IL from May 16 to May 19.

Guests and attendees will experience traditional Korean Royal Cuisine prepared by esteemed Imperial Cuisine Chef and Culinary Educator Michelle Cho, who studied with her aunt, Hye Sung Hwang. She was personally trained by the last Imperial head chef, Hee Soon Han, who worked in the royal kitchen during the Lee Dynasty. To share their insights on how they reinvented Korean cuisine and made use of new media tools to build a cult-like following, young rising star chefs Roy Choi, Mark Manguera and Caroline Shin of Kogi BBQ truck fame will showcase their hugely popular Korean-inspired street foods such as their famous Korean BBQ Tacos filled with pork, short-ribs and chicken. Debra Samuels, food writer and stylist for The Boston Globe, will be available for book signings and a food demonstration from her book, The Korean Table: From Barbeque to Bibimbap, which she co-authored with Taekyung Chung. In addition, a select cast of Cookin’, a nonverbal percussion show that uses kitchen utensils such as pots, pans and kimchi vats as percussion instruments, will be flown in from Korea to do an exciting shortperformance to entertain attendees.

Having recently been called “The New Hot Cuisine” by The Wall Street Journal, there is a growing trend of chefs and restaurateurs incorporating elements or flavors of Korean cuisine into their cooking. From sophisticated fusion destinations to popular casual dining places, kimchi and kalbi have taken on new exciting roles on the menu as increasing number of Americans are adopting the culture and cuisine of Korea.

Participating exhibitors at the NRA Show include BJIF (bibimbap restaurant chain franchise), Daesang FNF Corporation (kimchi manufacturer), Daesang Corporation (hot pepper paste and soybean paste exporter), Human Rice Food (assorted frozen meals), and Sinanmade / Woosung America (sea salt purveyor).

For additional information about the May 18 media event or a schedule of the daily cooking demos, tasting and book signing sessions during the 4-day show, please email grace@niwapr.com. .

About The Korea Agro-Trade Center, NY

The Korea Agro-Trade Center, NY is the government agency entrusted with the promotion of trade, exportation, and marketing of Korean foods and beverages in the US. Through participation in major exhibitions, improving packaging design, advertising and other initiatives, the Korea Agro-Trade Center, NY increases familiarity of Korean foods and products in the US and markets them to US consumers' preferences. Their partnership in the US allows them to maintain the positive image of Korean agricultural and fishery products through relationships between exporters and distributors.

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